“Sod the wine, I want to suck on the writing. This man White is an instinctive writer, bloody rare to find one who actually pulls it off, as in still gets a meaning across with concision. Sharp arbitrage of speed and risk, closest thing I can think of to Cicero’s ‘motus continuum animi.’

Probably takes a drink or two to connect like that: he literally paints his senses on the page.”

DBC Pierre (Vernon God Little, Ludmila’s Broken English, Lights Out In Wonderland ... Winner: Booker prize; Whitbread prize; Bollinger Wodehouse Everyman prize; James Joyce Award from the Literary & Historical Society of University College Dublin)





24 February 2018


I know, I know, that's the wrong preacher. That spout shit's all Oral Roberts propaganda. 

My old man, Pastor Jimmy White, an independent non-conformist protestant street preacher was intensely jealous of the ecumenical popularity of Dr Billy Graham when he swept through the football stadia of Australia with baritone George Beverly Shea in 1959. 

The campaigning US faith colonist Dr Billy had media tug unlike even Rome had then understood. Television was just beginning to flicker. Hillbillies like us called the TV the Devils' Box.

But Billy understood. He worked it.

He knew that once the tens of thousands of indolent modernist backsliding Methos, Pressies, Salvos, Cooneyites, Brethos and whatever he could pull had hit his sawdust trail to redemption the identities of many of those independent protestant cabals had forever blurred. Therein lies the eternal power of Satan.

Anyway, Pastor Jimmy went all the way down to Melbourne and helped a mob of em burn Oral Roberts' tent down when he come through.

Enough's enough. 

And now Billy's found out whether eternal life is fair dinkum. Like my old man, who's in the cold hard on the easier-to-dig slope at the bottom of Callington Boot Hill.

Mick Wordley photograph


rock lee said...

It looks like you buried him on the oval Phil.

Billy Shakespaw said...

Don't worry too much Whitey there are plenty of mad white preachers shouting the advantages of inkahol.