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Probably takes a drink or two to connect like that: he literally paints his senses on the page.”

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14 February 2013


Good mate of DRINKSTER, Caduceus winemaker Maynard James Keenan, is touring Australia's east coast with Puscifer for Soundwave later this month, and returning with TOOL in April.  In the meantime, you can hear Puscifer's new EP, Donkey Punch The Night streaming on SPIN.   

The title comes from the song "Dear Brother", which is dedicated to the memory of  brother musicians, Adam Yauch, Mike Brown and Edward Willie Jr., sister Susan O'Brien-Brockway, and that great winemaking brother, Ray Beckwith.  The five  get equal mention in the album credits.

"Well, you know the Beastie Boys gentleman," Maynard explained to SPIN.  "That was a sad day when I got that news. It also pays tribute to our friend Edward Willie, Jr. from Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival — they're a band who opened up for us, out of Ohio in the area where I was born. And Ray Beckwith was an Australian winemaker, who, in a way, reinvented the wheel in winemaking. He discovered the relationship between pH and acid balance in wines. They really didn't take Australian wine too seriously before him."

Click here to see the twisty Bohemian Rhapsody video!

Puscifer photo by Tim Caliente


Anonymous said...

Mr White,
I have recently come across your site and I must say that you are quite incorrect about Mr Beckwith. The French and the Germans had a firm understanding of the relationship between PH and Acid on wine microbial stability long before MR Beckwith.


Jean Claude

Cain TOAD-HALL said...

Jean Claude fucking who from fucking where Whitey? You should go around and have a bit of a word. Let a bag of cane toads loose in his frog pond.

Philip White said...

Jean Claude, Ray Beckwith was a humble man, who made no claims to fame. He couldn't really believe that anybody had much reason to show interest in him, and expected to die before anybody knew anything about his discoveries, which were certainly new to Australia. When I finish my book on Grange, I commence on his biography, in which I shall address these issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the cane toad invasion of France, but it might be good if the big JC explained why France was distilling more wine for spirits than it sold as wine in bottle for all those years. Anon

Anonymous said...

Mr White,

I will seek out your writings on Mr Beckwith and read them with interest. Perhaps you are correct and his findings were indeed a revelation to Australian winemaking at the time yet well known in Europe.
I must say I do enjoy the stupid and insulting comments by your readers. It appears that they are clearly not as humble as Mr Beckwith.
Jean Claude. ( Bordeaux France )

via collins said...

Hey Jean Claude,

It might even be worth noting that Phillip is quoting Maynard from Tool, not making pH statements of his own.

Anyway, we all await the book eagerly.


Via Collins.