“Sod the wine, I want to suck on the writing. This man White is an instinctive writer, bloody rare to find one who actually pulls it off, as in still gets a meaning across with concision. Sharp arbitrage of speed and risk, closest thing I can think of to Cicero’s ‘motus continuum animi.’

Probably takes a drink or two to connect like that: he literally paints his senses on the page.”

DBC Pierre (Vernon God Little, Ludmila’s Broken English, Lights Out In Wonderland ... Winner: Booker prize; Whitbread prize; Bollinger Wodehouse Everyman prize; James Joyce Award from the Literary & Historical Society of University College Dublin)





05 April 2012


Which Pernod-Ricard genius approved this?  

These are NOT the beautiful vineyards at their Wyndham Estate Hunter winery.  

This is Seppeltsfield, in the Barossa.  

Not only is the Barossa in another state, but Seppeltsfield belongs to somebody else, and those vines in the foreground belong to whatever's left of what used to be BRL-Hardy.  

Along the lines of the great E&E Shiraz which was supposed to come from the two Elmores' blocks at Ebenezer but very quickly didn't because the bastards wouldn't pay the worth money for the Elmores' precious dry-grown ancient vine  fruit, etc etc ...  

As Seppeltsfield looks like being the stand-in for Wyndham Estate at the above champagne fixture, DRINKSTER wonders who'll be filling the roles of Farrugia, Prero, Barricelli and di Toro - the Dead Seppelts? 

You can see the roof of the Seppelt mausoleum amongst the trees on the horizon ... there's another snap of it below ... I never noticed too much in the way of this type of tombstone ever being built for any of the Wyndhams or McGuigans in the Hunter ... Tyrrells either for that matter...  French winemakers don't seem so big on such imperial internment ... it's certainly not the style of the Pernod or Ricard families ...


Anonymous said...

These are not Seppeltsfield Vineyards, they belong to Barossa Valley Estate

Anonymous said...

Will Warren Randall be laid in there Whitey? This intersts me. Like if Janet Holmes Acourt had died before she got out of this wreck, would she go in there with the Seppelts?