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Probably takes a drink or two to connect like that: he literally paints his senses on the page.”

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02 August 2009


Murray-Darling Finishes In Dumb Muddy Lunge At Mouth
And Rann Complete Australia's Greatest Act Of Vandalism

This is the "Goolwa Regulator", the Australian government's incredibly stupid attempt to heal the thousands of kilometres of scabby cancer that once was the mighty Murray-Darling River system.

Labor starlet Penny Wong, pictured, the Federal Minister For Climate And Water, thinks this is the best that can be done just now. The "Regulator" is designed to stop the ocean salt flowing back into the Murray River estuary, which is dying, because fresh water no longer flows down into it.

It connects Hindmarsh Island, or Kumerangk, to Clayton, to make a recreational pond for boaters at Goolwa. Two freshwater streams will flow into this pond, which is now protected from the salt of the ocean by the Goolwa Barrage, and from the salt of the Murray by this very stupid levee.

Inland irrigators use all the fresh water on stuff like wine that nobody on Earth wants to drink, as best manifest by the current irreversible collapse of Australia's cheap plonk industry. Half of Australia's wine is sold in bladder packs at about the cost of bottled water. Or cheaper. Half of the other half is equal in quality to this goonbag juice, but sells for a little more in bottles.

Chardonnay wine is now available in bulk at 40 cents per litre.

Irrigation and winery washing included, it takes up to 1200 litres of water to make one litre of plonk.

South Australian Premier Mike Rann, pictured, another Labor genius who prides himself on his regulatory skills, has helped Wong avoid taking any decisive action on the River, which is obviously finished.

Mike's been very busy with his mistress, Laura Norder.

Sickest aspect of this "Regulator" is that it's being put on top of very deep estuarine mud, and will eventually sink, irretrievably. Look closely at Charles Matheson's photograph, above, and you'll notice the mud being forced up on either side as the levee sinks.

Apart from its innate racism in the recent butchering of the estuary, the home of the Ngarrindjerri nation, and total ineptitude in understanding the other original inhabitants of this country, the "Regulator", as far as I can see, is the best indicator of the intellectual decrepitude of white Australia.

She'll no longer be right, mate.

But she'll be white.

To read the history of this location, and the background of the commercial luxury marina which is being extended at the taxpayers' expense to provide the fill for the "Regulator", read Margaret Symons' forensic work on black and white Australia, The Meeting Of The Waters - The Hindmarsh Island Affair (Hodder, 2003).

The photographs are of one location on the Finnis, one of the two meagre freshwater streams which are now expected to keep the new freshwater Goolwa Pond and marina full. The top photograph was taken in 2006, the bottom one in 2008. Both were taken and supplied by Leo Davis.

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Anonymous said...

A massive project - allegedly only approved for two years, according to http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/cllmm/goolwa-channel.html